The House of Kurosuke

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The House of Kurosuke (クロスケの家) is an over 100 years old traditional house located Sayama, Saitama. It is the office of National Trust Totoro Fund. Around this area is the place of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro." Kurosuke is the Japanese name of "Black Soots" in the movie. This house represents the life of old time Tokyo and preserve the scenery of early Showa era. There is also Kura, the storage and Tea Factory. There are many experiencing making tea and wooden crafts at this facilities. There are many original Totoro Goods that you can buy only here.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking.
Open: Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.
Time: 10:00 to 15:00
Admission is free but please donate some money for keeping and fixing this historical building.

0. at Seibu Line Kotesashi Station.
1. use bus to Dainichido.
2. walk (5 min.)
Closest parking is Lake Sayama Daiichi Parking.

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The House of Kurosuke

Kurosuke's House is the facilities and building of National Trust Totoro Fund. There are three traditional buildings that removed to this location. The main building is constructed over 100 years ago. It is typical traditional houses in early 20 century and preserved in a great condition. It shows the life style of that era.

Kura, the storage, was constructed in late 19th century. Inside of the storage is the exhibition for all Totoro's forest. It has Diorama with Totoro's character especially Black Soots are hidden everywhere.

Tea House is a tea factory that displays the old machines of making green teas. This place has experiencing tea making and wooden crafts.

In the traditional House, the original Totoro Goods are available. The profit of Totoro Goods will be donation for the Totoro Fund to preserve the forest.

The Homeland of Totoro Foundation is a legally incorporated foundation with the purpose of preserving the beautiful natural habitat and cultural assets of Sayama Hills and its surrounding areas.

Sayama Hills is located western side of Tokyo. The size of the hills with forest is about 11km long (east to west) and 4km long (north to south) It has a huge forest that is preserved with two artificial lakes. Some of Totoro's forest has farmland, rice field and wetland.

In Sayama Hills, there are 1,400 types of ferns and other seedling plants, 19 mammals, and over 200 different species of birds have been identified. Moreover, 2,500 kinds of insects, as well as frogs, snakes and salamanders call this forest their home.

You might be able to meet Totoro at this place.

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