Hirou Shrine

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Hirou Shrine (飛瀧神社) is located at the bottom of Nachi Great Falls. It enshrines Nachi Great Falls. Nachi Great Falls is one of three major Japanese waterfalls. It has 133m tall that is the tallest waterfalls as a single straight falls. This shrine is a part of Kumano Nachi Grand Shrine. There is no building for praying. In this shrine, people worship directly to the falls.

Visitor's Info.
There is a public parking around the falls.
There is restroom.
Admission to the access to the basin of the waterfalls: 300 Yen.

0. at Shingu Station.
1. use JR Kise Line to Nachi (21 min.)
2. use bus to Takimae.

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Map around Hirou Shrine

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Hirou Shrine
The sacred Water
Legend said, the water of the falls have a power of eternal life.

Nachi's fire Matsuri July 14.

Title of UNESCO
"Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range."