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Sunrise to Mt. Fuji from Gotenba

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Sunrise to Mt. Fuji from Gotenba


  Southern Fuji
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Mt. Fuji with beautiful Sun rise at Gotenba. Gotenba is one of the best view spot of Mt. Fuji. Especially, the red Mt. Fuji with Sun rise is the only Gotenba's speciality. Many people made a great pictures of this red Mt.Fuji, including Hokusai Katsushika who is the great Ukiyoe artist in the world. Mt. Fuji is not just seasonable, but also it will change his face in one day. The red Mt. Fuji and red background silhouette in either sunrise or sunset depend on the location.

Tourist Info.
You can find almost everywhere view spots like this video clip in Gotenba

0. at Mishima Station
1. use JR Tokaido to Numazu (20 min.)
2. use JR Gotenba Line to Gotenba (30 min.)

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Access to Southern Fuji Area

Southern Fuji (富士)
Terminal Station: JR Fuji St.
Access from Tokyo:
-By train
0.At Tokyo Station,
1.use Shinkansen to Shinfuji St. (1 hr. 12 min.)
2.use JR Tokaido Line to Fuji St. (2 hrs. 30 min.)
-By car
use Tomei Expressway to Fuji (2 hrs.)

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Sunrise to Mt. Fuji from Gotenba

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