Fuji Homi Shrine

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Fuji Homi Shrine(富士市高尾山穂見神社) is one of brunch shrines of Homi Shrine. In 1899, Katsumata, the priest, was involved by Tsunami. He was survived by the piece of the shrine. After this spiritual coincidence, people desired to have great shrine for it.

Visitors Info.
There is parking.

Need a car.
From Tome Express way Fuji exit to north east (10km).
On route 469.

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Fuji Homi Shrine

Enshrines: Konohana Sakuya.
Established in 1884.

Okusya is located on the top of small hill which has great view of Suruga Bay. From the entrance, you can see Mt. Fuji behind the shrine.

It was established by Katsumata clan in 1884 as one of brunch shrine of Yamanashi prefecture. However, it was abandoned later. In 1899, there was a huge Tsunami in Suruga Bay. Katsumata was survived by the wood piece of the shrine. After that, people desired to have shrine for the spiritual coincidence.