Bank of Gongendo

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Bank of Gongendo (権現堂堤) is one of famous Higanbana spot in Saitama Prefecture. There are about 800 thousand Hibanbana, red spider lily, in this park. Higanbana bloom in the middle to the end of September. During the season, the bank of this park will be colored by beautiful red flowers.

Tourist Info.
There is a parking and restroom.

0. at Omiya Station.
1. use Tobu Noda Line to Kasukabe (22 min.)
2. use Tobu Isezaki Line to Satte (12 min.)
3. walk north (30 min.)

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Map around Bank of Gongendo

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Bank of Gongendo

Bank of Gongen is a part of Gongendo Park. There are many other flowers you can enjoy.
April: Sakura.
June and July: Hydrangea.
Septenber: Higanbana.
January: Suisen.