Araha Beach

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Araha Beach (アラハビーチ) is located in Okinawa Main Island. It is American Style Beach with many facilities and restaurants. It is about 600m long white sand beach. Many people visit here to enjoy recreation. There is a huge pirate ship called Indian Oak. It has a beautiful sunset you can see from this beach.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
You cannot swim in this beach.
There is shower room and changing room.
No smoking.

0. at Naha Bus Terminal.
1. use local bus 20. 28. 29
2. walk

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Map around Araha Beach

Detailed Travel Guide

Araha Beach

Araha Beach is an artificial beach located in Chatan Town, Okinawa prefecture. It has a beautiful white beach with great view of Okinawan Sea. You can enjoy great sunset from this beach.

There are many sports facilities and kids facilities, such as Basket court, Beach Valleyball. There are many restaurants around this beach, too.

Also, you can enjoy many Marine sports at this beach.