Another Asakusa

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Another Asakusa (裏浅草). Asakusa has not only Sensoji temple and Nakamise, there are many interesting spots around Sensoji. Do you know: the world famous golden object on the side of Sumida River is Asahi Art Square? there is a retro Shopping district underground? there are many shopping streets? there is Sake Soft Cream? Asakusa has many interesting shops especially great spots to by Kimono clothing.

Tourist Info.
Sake Ice Cream is located on the east side of Nakamise Street.
Nishisando is located west side of Sensoji Temple.

0. at Asakuska Station.
1. walk around.

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Another Asakusa

Asahi Art Square: the Golden P object is a soul. The building next to P represent Beer Mug. They have restaurant, theatre and other entertainment.

Asakusa Station Underground Shopping Spots: There are many interesting and cheap shops and stores.

Nishisando is located west side of Sensoji temple.

Omikuji, the fortune test, of Sensoji is very famous for "Kyo" Bad Luck. 大吉(Best Luck) 吉(Good Luck) 中吉(Medum Luck) 小吉(Small Luck) 末吉(least Luck) 凶(Bad Luck). How to pray? Insert 100 yen to box, shuffle the lottery sticks, open the numbered box that you draw, pick up one paper with the note. If you have bad luck, tie up at the temple.

There is Sake Ice Cream and Tofu Ice Cream. Some shop has even Natto Ice Cream.