How to dance Ryoma Odori


Ryoma Odori (龍馬おどり) is very popular Bon Odori song. Ryoma is one of the most famous Hero in Japan. Many Ryoma Lovers like this song. Ryoma is from Kochi, so it is very popular in Shikoku.

Song: "Ryoma Odori"

Song: Suzuki Masao, Fuji Michiko, Tomita Fusae.

Level: 3
Type: Normal Rhythm.



How to dance Ryoma Odori

Clap, clap and clap.
Open arms and step right foot.
Step back and clap.
Clap, clap and clap.
Step right foot little and tough hands in front of lower body.
Open arms, right hand higher and left hand lower, and step left foot cross.
Step back and do the other side.
Loop arms inward from left hand.
Step right, left and right. Then bring left foot up and hands up.
Do the other side.
Step right and open arms higher. Spin to the right with each steps.
Step left foot drop down little and arms down.
Step right and up.
Step left and complete your spin.
Step right foot to left side and roll your hands and slide them forward.
Step back and make a big circle with arms.
Do the other side.