How to dance Goshugi Ondo


Goshugi Ondo(ご祝儀音頭) is one of Bon Odori Song. Dance is very simple and rhythmical.

Song: "Goshugi Ondo"
by Fuji Michiko, Suzuki Masao.

Level: 3
Type: Rhythmical.



How to dance Goshugi Ondo

Face to the direction (counterclockwise). Count 4.
Clap, clap and clap.
Cross forward right foot and scoop left side with right hand.
Step back and bring the right hand up. Palm up.
Do the other side.
Step three from right foot to the center. Open arms.
Step back from right foot. Make circle with arms.
Step right foot and draw Mt. Fuji.
Step back and clap.
Clap, clap and clap and turn to right.
Step three from right foot and make circle with arms.
Do the same from left foot.
Step right foot back and bring the both hands on lower right side.
Do the other side.
Swing your hands over the head and spin to the right (3 steps from right).
Do the other side to finish spinning.