Mt. Tsuboyama

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Mt. Tsuboyama (坪山) is a popular mountain located Uenohara, Yamanashi Prefecture. It is 1102m high from the sea level. The hiking takes about 4 hours and you can enjoy beautiful forest. It is also known as Azalea spots. From mid April to mid May, you can enjoy beautiful Azalea.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Otsuki Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Uenohara.
2. use local Bus to Mitake Shrine.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Tsuboyama

Mt. Tsuboyama is a mountain for the middle class hikers. It has a beautiful Azalea. There is tourist center called Biryu that has restaurants and local food stores.

Not many open space for lunch break.