National Holiday:
- 2nd monday "Day of Sports" (体育の日)

Major Events:
- Athletic festivals

Weather: Mostly rain or cloudy (rains 181mm per month)
Ave. temperature and humidity of Tokyo: 17.3 degrees C, 70%

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Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition

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Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition(土浦全国花火競技大会) is the biggest firework festival in the world. It is the last fireworks festa held on October in Japan. This is the competition of firework designers. Each year, the firework designers bring their new products and compete others. So, all of these new fireworks will be fired next year. See and experience the cutting edge of digital fireworks.

Tourist Info.
There are many food stand and temporary restroom everywhere. There is car restriction.
0. at JR Tsuchiura Station.
1. walk northwest (20 min.)