Shirayasawa Valley


Shirayasawa Valley (白谷沢) is a small valley located in Hanno, Saitama prefecture. There are many beautiful waterfalls located in This valley. This is also located on the way to Mt. Bounorei that has a beautiful view.

Tourist Info.
There is parking. No restroom.

0. at Hanno Station.
1. use bus to Naguriko Iriguchi.
2. walk 4 hours.


周圍的地圖 Shirayasawa Valley


Shirayasawa Valley

Shirayasawa is one of the very popular hiking spot in Saitama. There are many waterfalls. It is not for the beginners. It requires good shoes. water and food. Takes 3 hours.

Fujikake Falls
Tengu Falls
Shirokujaku Falls