Sandai Sugi


Sandai Sugi (三代杉) is one of huge Cedar trees located in Yakushima Island. It means 3 generation cedar. It is 38.4m tall and 4.4m round. 1st generation tree was 1500 years old and fell about 1200 years ago. 2nd generation was grown over the 1st one and cut when it was 1000 years old. 3rd generation is now groaning over the 2nd generation.

Tourist Info.
The route to the Jomon sugi takes about 5 hours.
There are some restroom and water spots in the route.
The shuttle bus to the entrance is available at Yakusugi Shizenkan.
You can order Lunch Box at hotel or any other stores and they will delivery at the Yakusugi Shizenkan in the morning.

0. at any bus stop very early in the morning (4am)
1. use shuttle bus to Yakusugi Shizenkan.
2. use shuttle bus to the entrance of Arakawa Tozando.
3. walk 2 hours.


周圍的地圖 Sandai Sugi


Sandai Sugi

Species: Cedar (Yakusugi)
Height: 38.4m
Girth: 4.4m
Age: 500