Nioh Sugi


Nioh Sugi (仁王杉) is a huge Yakusugi tree located in Jomonsugi route. It has a shape of Nio Statue. At the middle of the tree, it has a shape of Nioh's mouth.

Tourist Info.
The route to the Jomon sugi takes about 5 hours.
There are some restroom and water spots in the route.
The shuttle bus to the entrance is available at Yakusugi Shizenkan.
You can order Lunch Box at hotel or any other stores and they will delivery at the Yakusugi Shizenkan in the morning.

0. at any bus stop very early in the morning (4am)
1. use shuttle bus to Yakusugi Shizenkan.
2. use shuttle bus to the entrance of Arakawa Tozando.
3. walk 2 hours.


周圍的地圖 Nioh Sugi


Nioh Sugi

Species: Cedar (Yakusugi)
Height: 22.8m
Girth: 8.3m
Age: --

There is Un Sugi that was fallen years ago.