Kakunodate Matsumoto House


Kakunodate Matsumoto House (角館松本家) is one of Samurai House of Kakunodate, Akita prefecture. Matsumoto family was Samurai of Imamiya family who was high class Samurai of Satake-Kita clan. This house was constructed in 1880.

Tourist Info.
There is parking or restroom around the street.
Admission: Free.
Open: 9:00 to 16:30.
Close: From Dec. to mid Apr.

0. at Kakunodate Station.
1. walk west (15 min.)


周圍的地圖 Kakunodate Matsumoto House


Kakunodate Matsumoto House

Matsumoro House is one of Samurai House of Kakunodate. It was built in late Edo period. Matsumoto Family was one of Samurai of Imamiya family. Imamiya was one of Samurai of Satake-kita clan. When Kita clan was moved to Kakunodate, Matsumoto family was also moved here. It is very small house with Kayabuki style.

From Spring to Falls, it has a demonstration of traditional craft works.