Iya Shonbenkozo

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Iya Manikinis Piss, or Shonbenkozo, (祖谷渓のしょんべん小僧) the most famous scripture in Tokushima. It is located in the middle of Iya Valley. He Ps on the rock of 200m high hard cliff . Kid used to P here for testing their nerve.
Tourist Info.
No parking or restroom.
You can park on the street, but be careful.
Never go over the fence.

Need a car. It is located on route 32.


周圍的地圖 Iya Shonbenkozo


Iya Shonbenkozo

This is the most famous Shonbenkozo in Japan. Make sure you take a photo with him. It has a great view of Iya Valley. Iya valley has a great Koyo in Autumn.