Ikego Mountain Trail


Ikego Mountain Trail (池子やまなみルート) is a popular and beautiful hiking course located in Zushi, Kanagawa. The trail takes about 4 hours from Zushi Station to Mutsuura. There is Hisagi pond and observatory. At the observatory, you can enjoy Mt. Fuji. Also, it travels to Asahina pass that is one of 7 entries to Kamakura.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.
Use restroom at the station before you start trail.
Donot enter the restricted zone.

0. at Zushi Station.
1. walk north.



周圍的地圖 Ikego Mountain Trail


Ikego Mountain Trail

Ikego Yamanami Route is a great trekking spot in Zushi. It visit Hisagi Pond, beautiful observatory where you can see Mt. Fuji, Kumano Shrine and Asahina Pass. Hisagi pond is a beautiful pond with Koyo.

The observatory is 149m high and you can see the great view of Mt. Fuji.

Asahina Passi is one of 7 entrance to Kamakura. It was artificial carven cliff. You can enjoy history and bautiful nature. This trail takes about 4 hours.