Goryu Falls


Goryu Falls (五竜の滝) are waterfalls located in Susono, Shizuoka. There are 5 12m-tall waterfalls. Three waterfalls on the main river are called Odaki, and two other waterfalls located on eastside are called Medaki.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Parking close at 17 p.m.

0. at Numazu Station.
1. use JR Gotenba Line to Susono station.
2. walk north (20min.)


周圍的地圖 Goryu Falls


Goryu Falls

Goryu Falls was form by the 10,000 years old lava of Mt. Fuji.
There are underground water coming from the lava as well. That is very rare.

The name of waterfalls from left:
Yukidoke, Fujimi, Tsukimi, Choshi and Sagoromo.