Kamakura Gion-yama Hiking


Gion-yama Hiking Course(祇園山ハイキングコース) is one of the popular hiking spot in Kamakura. It is about 4km long and an hour hiking, and we will visit some of the very important historic site. It is also very easy for little kids. At the obsrevatory, you can see Mt. Fuji.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking nor restroom.

0. at Kamakura Station.
1. walk east.



周圍的地圖 Kamakura Gion-yama Hiking


Kamakura Gion-yama Hiking

The entrance of this hiking course is either at the ruins of Toshoji Temple or Yagumo Shrine.Yagumo shrine was established in late 11th century. It was found as the branch shrine of Gion Yasaka Shrine. That's why back mountain is called Mt. Gion.

The Last Samurai Cave
In 1333, the last lord of Hojo clan who controlled Kamakura Government committed Seppuku, or known as Harakiri here. Kamakura Government was the first Shogun Government for Samurai opend in Japan. It controlled Japan about 150 years, and taken over by the Emperor Godaigo.

The ruins of Toshoji temple
When the army of Kamakura was defeated by the imperial army, all of Hojo clan and Kamakura Samurai siege this temple. As Samurai, they all committed Harakiri and put fire on this temple. That is the end of Kamakura period.