Ajisai at Odawara castle


Ajisai at Odawara castle (小田原城のアジサイ) is also very famous in Kanagawa. There are about 2,100 Hydrangea that bloom in June. At the same time about 6,000 Iris bloom, too. During the season, there is Ajisai festival and lighten up flowers at night.

Tourist Info.
Entrance fee for Tenshu: 400 yen. Open from 8:00 to 21:00.
There are history museum and art gallery in the park.

0. at Kozu Station
1. use JR Tokaido line to Odawara (7 min.)
2. walk South (10 min.)



周圍的地圖 Ajisai at Odawara castle


Ajisai at Odawara castle

Odawara Castle is one of the best Hydrangea spot in Kanagawa Prefecture. On the wall of the main bailey of Odawara Castle, there are thousands of Hydrangea.