Tsukudajima Nenbutsu Odori

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Tsukudajima Nenbutsu Odori (佃島念仏踊り) is one of Bon Odori Matsuri in Tokyo. It happens at Tsukudajima Island Tokyo Bay. The dance of Tsukudajima Nenbutsu Odori is the only one that survivied through the Edo period. Therefore, the dance and song has not changed for over 300 years. This is the oldest Bon Odori Dance in Tokyo.

Tourist Info.
Time: July 13, 14 and 15.
From: 19:00 to 21:00

0. at Roppongi Station.
1. use Toei Oedo Line to Tsukishima.
Walk (2 min.)

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Tsukudajima Nenbutsu Odori

Tukudajima Nenbutsu Odori, aka Tsukudajima Bon Odori, is the oldest and only Bon Odori that survived through the Edo period. In Edo period, all of Bon Odori was suspended by the order ot Tokugawa Gorvernment because of the security reason.

In 1657, there is a huge fire disaster that burn down the city of Edo. Nishi Honganji temple was also burnt down. Chubei of Tsukudajima worked hard to reclaming the land for Honganji temple. He finished the reclamation and called the land Tsukiji. The ceremony of this completion became Bon Odori. Bon Odori dance of Tsukudajima was performed at Tsukiji Honganji and introduced all over Edo later. In 1831, the Bon Dance was prohibited, but Tsukudajima kept that traditional dance.

Unlike other Bon Odori Matsuri that plays mostly modern music, the dance and song has not changed for over 300 years.

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