OfunatoTokyoTower Sanma Festa

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OfunatoTokyoTower Sanma Festa. (大船渡東京タワーさんま祭り) is a great Sanma fish festival held in Tokyo Tower. This festival offers free Grilled Sanma Fish for first 3333 arrived visitors. Sanma Fish is one of the most popular blue fishes in Japan and Ofunato is the largest Sanma capturing port. This Matsuri is held in the Sliver Week Holidays in September.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Admission: Free
Time: 9:30 to 16:30
You can get Free Sanma Ticket from 7:30.

0. at Roppongi Station.
1. use Hibiya Line to Kamiyacho Station.
2. walk south.

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OfunatoTokyoTower Sanma Festa

Sanriku Ofunato Tokyo Tower Sanma Matsuri is one of the great food festival held in Tokyo Tower September. There are 3333 free fresh Sanma Fish for visitors.

It has also many boothes for Ofunato Local products. Especially, Sanma Soup is one of the best soup in that Ofunato can offer.

Also, it has a great Shishimai that is traditional dance performance in Tohoku region, demonstration.