Sugaya Fudo Falls

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Sugaya Fudo Falls (菅谷不動尊の滝) is waterfalls located in Hitachi Ota, Ibaraki Prefecture.
It is 10m tall waterfalls with few amount of water. There is a Fudo statue and temple near by. There is a nice hiking trail to enjoy those beautiful waterfalls. It takes about 30 min. for round trip.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Ota Station.
2. use local bus to Kawaharano.
3. walk

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Detailed Travel Guide

Sugaya Fudo Falls

Sugaya Fudoson Falls is Takigyo waterfalls located in Hitachi Ota city, Ibaraki Prefecture. There is a small hiking trail to see these waterfalls and leads to Fudo Falls that takes about 30 min. for round trip.