Obama Nishigumi

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Obama Nishigumi (小浜西組) is one of the castle town located in Obama, Fukui Prefecture. There are many traditional buildings remaining that have views of Edo period. It is registered as the preserved scenery with the traditional buildings.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

0. at Tsuruga Station.
1. use JR Obama Line to Obama Station.

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Obama Nishigumi
Obama Nishigumi is the remaining castle town of Obama Castle. Originally, Takeda Motomitsu built a castle near here. In 1601, Kyogoku Takatsugu built the castle at the current castle. The castle town has divided into 3 parts. Nishigumi has merchant houses, restaurants and temples are located to protect the castle.

There are many traditional houses still remaining here that has a view of Samurai era.