Niu Kanshobu Shrine

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Niu Kanshobu Shrine (丹生官省符神社) is one of the old shrine located in Wakayama. It was established by Priest Kukai in 816 as the entrance of Koyasan. The god of this shrine led Priest Kukai to Mt. Koya and introduce the sacred place. Priest Kukai highly appreciated the god and built a shrine here. It is designated as UNESCO World Heritage site.

Visitor's info.
There is parking and restroom.

0. at Hashimoto Station.
1. use Nankai Koya Line to Kudoyama.
2. walke west (30 min.)

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Niu Kanshobu Shrine

Enshrines: Niutsumehimenoookami (sister of Amaterasuoomikami) Takanomikonoookami, Amaterasu Omikami.
Niu Kanshobu Shrine was established in 816 by Kobodaishi Kukai. Priest Kukai traveled to look for his sacred practice place for Shingon Buddhism. When he visited this place, he met a hunter. The hunter provided his white and black dogs to Priest Kukai to introduce Mt. Koyasan. Priest Kukai finally found his sacred place. He thought that the hunter was the messanger from the god. When he was given his land from the Emperor Saga, he established Koyasan Kongobuji Temple and also his office Jisonin temple. When he established Jisonin he also built the shrine to enshrine the hunter. That is Niu Kanshobu Shrine, today.

The main shrines (1541)
National Important Cultural assets.

Matsuri: 4th Sunday of October.