Mt. Ontake

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Mt. Ontake (御嶽山) is one of the most popular mountain located between Gifu and Nagano. It is an active stratovolcano and its summit is 3,067m high from the sea level. Ontake-san is one of the sacred mountain in Japan. It is highly respected as the spiritual homeland for many people. There are many hiking courses including for beginners. The faith of Ontakesan still combines with Buddhism and Shinto together.

Tourist Info.
There is a ropeway to reach 7th station (2150m).
There is a shuttle bus from Kiso-Fukushima Station to the ropeway.
There is parking at the rope way and each stations including the top has rest houses.

0. at Kiso Fukushima Stion.
1. use a shuttle bus to Ontake Ropway.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Ontake

This video introduce the route of Kiso. It is the most popular climbing route of Mt. Ontake.

Mt. Ontake is an active stratovolcano and the altitude of Kengamine, the summit of Mt. Ontake, is 3,067m from the sea level. Mt. Ontake is the 2nd tallest active volcano next to Mt. Fuji. It is located south side of Kita-Alps. Mt. Ontake is the border of Gifu and Nagano Prefecture. It is chosen 100 best Japanese mountains, new 100 best Japanese mountains, 100 best Japanese flower mountains and Gifu 100 best mountains.

From the top of mountain, it has great view of Chuo-Alps, Kita Alps and Minami Alps. When the air is clear Mt. Fuji can be seen. trekking on the top is very interesting. it has a great view with many caldera lakes. From the end of September to the middle of October, it has a beautiful Koyo, autumn leaves.

The trekking route from Kiso side is very easy for beginners. However, still the altitude is very high, and requires all kinds of climbing wear and items. Also, the top is mostly covered with rocks, and need trekking shoes. Top of the mountain is very cold even in summer.

Mt. Ontake is also one of the most popular sacred mountain. On the top of Kengamine, there is Ontake Shrine.

There are mountain houses at each stations. There are restroom and resting places that you can stay for a night.

-Ninoike Pond-
The highest pond locoed in Japan (2,905m). It has a beautiful green color.

-Sannoike Pond-
The sacred Water. This water keeps good and stay pure all the time. The maximum depth of the pond is 13m deep. Therefore, it has deep blue color.

-Maboroshi Falls-
Water is coming from Yonnoike Pond. Appears only after rain.

-Saino Kawara-
Small field located between the summits. There are many mountain flowers in this field.

-Kengamine, the summit-
The altitude is 3,067m from the sea level.

The altitude is 2,959m from the sea level.

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