Mt. Futago

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Mt. Futago (双子山) is one of the popular mountain located in Nagano. It is a part of Yatsugatake mountain with beautiful forests and ponds, especially the forest of moss are so mysterious and breathtaking. It is 2,224m tall. It is very easy hiking course and popular for beginner hikers.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.

Need a car.
Drive route 152 to Lake Shirakaba. Change to route 40 to Shirakaba Ski resort.
Change to Ogahara Mountain Pass.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Mt. Futago

Altitude: 2,224m
The route: for beginners.
Time: 3 hours.

Mt. Futago is one of the popular hiking spots of Tateshina and Yatsugatake Mountains. This mountain has 3 different beautiful aspects. On the top of Mt. Futago, it has great panorama view and open field. You can see Mt. Tateshina.

Futago ponds that are another feature of this trail. They are surrounded by the beautiful forest. Especially, Japanese larch is beautiful. The ponds are very quiet and mirror the mountains.

Then, the forest of moss are so quiet and beautiful with green carpets. It's the art of the nature, and natural Bonsai.

Kikko Pond is another beautiful pond on this trail. Its water is so pure.