Megane Bridge

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Megane Bridge (めがね橋) is one of the main feature located in Annaka, Gunma Prefecture. It is a huge bridge made by bricks constructed in 1893. It was designed by British Architect Charles Assheton Whately Pownall. The size of the bridge is 91m long and 31m high from Usui river. It used about 2 million bricks and one of the largest brick made bridge in Japan. It is designated as the national Important cultural assets.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
No restroom.

0. at Takasaki Station.
1. use JR Shinetsu Line to Yokokawa.
2. walk north (2 hours)

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Detailed Travel Guide

Megane Bridge

Usii 3rd Bridge, aka Megane Bashi, is a large brick made bridge located in Annaka, Gunma Prefecture. It was constructed in 1893.

Designer: Charles Assheton Whately Pownall & Furukawa Haruichi
Size: 91m long and 31m high from Usui river.

Because there is hiking pass that used to be the railway, it is very popular tourist spot in Gunma. There are many tunnels that are also constructed in the same period.