Matsuyama Road

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Matsuyama Road (松山街道) is one of the remaining post town located in Uda, Nara Prefecture. IT was used to be the transport station that connects Ise, Nara and Kumano. Because of this great location, people build a castle here and the town developed as the castle town. There are many traditional houses remaining here and creat the great scenery of old time Japna. Therefore, this area is registered as the Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. When you walk around this town, you feel like walking in old time of Japan.

Tourist Info.
There is parking.
No restroom.

0. Sakurai Station.
1. use Kintetsu Osaka Line to Haibara Station.
2. use local bus to Ouda.

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Matsuyama Road

Matsuyama Road is located Uda, Nara prefecture. Matsuyama Road is a part of Ise Road and also Kumano Road. It connect Nara and Ise and Kumano that both are the most important sacred cities in Japan. Therefore, this town appears from the ancient period of Japan.

Because it is very important for transportation spot, many sea products from Kumano and Ise imported here and drugs, paper and oil were great products in this town.

During the Sengoku Period (15th to 16th century), Akiyama clan constructed the castle at this place and he developed the castle town.

Today, there are 128 traditional houses and 88 structures still existing here. The scenery of old town is preserved in the great condition. So, it is registered as the Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings.

Some of the traditional houses are open for public and become museums.