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Fireworks at Kamakura

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Fireworks at Kamakura


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August 10 19:00~20:15
Kamakura Fire Works is one of the unique Fire Works Festival in Japan. It has Water Fire Works which explode on the water. They create beautiful half ball fire works which look like great lotus on the water. The Combination with the high speed Starmines and water fire works created the great art work in the night sky. Yuigahama (Kamakura beach) has long coastal line, so you can find the nice view point easily. Beach is widely opened, so you will always find great view spot. However, after the festival, Kamakura Station will be jammed. You might have to stay some other place to wait it out. There are many catering around the station, but no many around the stage. So, it' better to buy drink and food before you take a spot.
270,000 visitors
2,900 fire works
0. at Kamakura St.
1. walk south (15 min.)

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Access to Kamakura area

Kamakura 鎌倉
Terminal Station: JR Kamakura St.
Access from Tokyo
-By Train
0.At Tokyo Station
1.use JR Yokosuka LIne to Kamakura St. (55 min.)
-By Car
1. use Shuto Expressway and change to Yokosuka Expressway to Asahina ex. (52 min.)
2. take route 204 south to Kamakura (20 min.)

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Fireworks at Kamakura

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