How to dance Shin Sakura Ondo

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Shin Sakura Ondo (新さくら音頭) is one of Bon Odori Song. Its dance is little faster.

「新さくら音頭」"Shin Sakura Ondo
作詞作曲:荒木 栄 by Sakae Araki

Level: 03 Normal
Type: Rhythmical

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Detailed Travel Guide

Face to the direction (counter clockwise).
Count 8 from the sound of Shamisen.
Clap clap and clap. (clap 3 times only the beginning)
Step right foot forward and bend knees little.
Touch thighs.
One more step and stretch body up. Raise up your right arm straight.
Turn wrist from out to in. Place left hand under right elbow.
Do the other side.
Step right foot and point straight with right direction finger. Grab right wing by left hand.
Do the other side.
Step right and draw Mt. Fuji.
Step left and raise hands up.
Make a wave with both hands. Step right, left and right. Keep left foot in the air.
Do the other side.
Step back raised foot (right) and bring both hands on right side.
Step back left foot and bring both hands on left side.
Step right foot and open arms. When you step left foot, clap one time.


Dance Instructor: Yoshiko Ikemura Sensei
Dance team: Minato Waodorinokai, Ran no Kai.

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