Hitome Hakkei

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Hitome Hakkei(一見八景) is one of the best scenic beauty in Oita Prefecture. Hitome Hakkei is located in Oku Yaba Valley. It has a 8 different view and all you can see in one spot. It has a great Koyo in early November.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
There are many gift shops and food stands.

Need a car.
From route 500 to 212. then change to route 28.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Hitome Hakkei

Hitome Hakkei means 8 scenic beauties in one site. It is located Deep Yaba Valley, Oita Prefecture.
It has a great view of Rocks, Gunenzan, Tobinosuyama, Shuenyama, Meoto Rocks, Eboshi Rocks, Sennin Rocks and Kaibo peak. It has a great Koyo in late October.