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Hatsumoude at Kanda Myojin

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Hatsumoude at Kanda Myojin


  Central Tokyo
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Kanda Shrine(神田神社) is one of the popular shrine for the new year worship also know as "Hatsumode." About 300,000 visitors visit this shrine for new year's days.

Good for:
Opening luck, business success, protecting from bad luck, finding love, and winning.

New Year Events:
0:00 am on New Year's Day
01/08 The first Ceremony
01/10~12 Daikoku Festival

Visitor's Info.
Free Parking space, but no parking on the new year's days.

0. at Tokyo Station
1. use JR Cho Line to Ochanomizu (5 min.)
2. work northeast (5 min.)

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Central Tokyo (東京駅、銀座、秋葉原)
Terminal Station: Tokyo Station
Major Spots: Imperial Palace, Tokyo Dome City, Shin-Marunouchi Building.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Hatsumoude at Kanda Myojin

Kanda Shrine is found in 730 and it was worshipped for the protection of Edo city for long time. Not only, New Year worship, Kanda Festival (神田祭) which is held every other year is also very famous festival in Tokyo.

Enshrined Gods:
Tairano Masakado

Kanda Festival is in Middle of May.

Official web site of Kanda Shrine:
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