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Gozengamine (御前峰) is the summit of Mt. Hakusan that is one of 3 major sacred moutons. Mt. Hakusan is huge mountains located in Ishikawa, Gifu, Fukui and Toyama prefecture. The altitude of Gozengamine is 2702m from the sea level. Mt. Hakusa has been highly respected as the greatest sacred mountain since ancient time. In the middle age of Japan, it was important Shugendo mountain. Today, Mt. Hakusan is one of the most popular mountain in Japan.

Tourist Info.
It is only 40min. from Hakusan Murodo Visitor's center.
Climbing available from Summer to early Falls.

0. at Betto Deai.
1. climb route Saboshindo to Murodo.
2. climb to the summit.

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The altitude: 2702m
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Gozengamine is the summit of Mt. Hakusan. As the sacred mountain, Mt. Hakusan was highly respected. There is the upper shrine on the top of Gozengamine. Brunches of Hakusan Shrine exist about 2,700 all over Japan. From the top of Gozengamine, it has a great view of Kita-Apls.

Because it is only 40min. from the visitors center, many people climb up in the early morning and enjoy great Sunrise.