Nikko Sacred Bridge


The Sacred Bridge (神橋, shinkyo) is one of the main feature of Nikko. It is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Legend said, the original bridge was built by god in Nara Period. It's been the official path leading to Futaarasan Shrine. It is chosen as one of three unique bridge. The current bridge is reconstrued in 1904.

Tourist Info.
There is no parking or restroom.
Admission: 300 yen for adult, 200 yen for high school, 100 yen for under junior.
Time: 8:00 to 16:30 (Nov. to Mar. 9:00 to 15:30)

0. at Nikko Station.
1. use local bus to Shinkyo.


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周圍的地圖 Nikko Sacred Bridge


Nikko Sacred Bridge

Sinkyo is the official main entrance of the sacred zone of Nikko. It is a beautiful red bridge over Daiya River. It was also called snake bridge. The current bridge is reconstruted in 1904 and registered as the national important cultural asset and UNESCO World Heritage Site.It is 28m long and 10.6m from the river. This bridge was only allowed for the special Matsuri and ceremonies.

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