The ponds tour in Mt. Hakusan


The ponds tour of the summit of Mt. Hakusan (白山お池巡り) is popular hiking course. There are many volcanic lakes on the top of Mt. Hakusan. From the summit of Mt. Hakusan, you can enjoy nice trekking to visit all ponds.

Tourist Info.
It is only 40min. from top of Gozengamine to back to Hakusan Murodo Visitor's center.

0. at Betto Deai.
1. climb up route Saboshindo to Murodo.
2. climb up to the summit.
3. climb down to the ponds.

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The ponds tour in Mt. Hakusan

The ponds tour takes about 1 hr. and 30 min. round trip at Murodo including climbing up Gozengamine.

-Aburaga Pond (油ヶ池)-

-Kongaya Pond (紺屋ヶ池)-

-Midoriga Pond (翠ヶ池)-

-Chinoike Pond (血ノ池)-

-Senjaga Pond (千蛇ヶ池)-

-Goshiki Pond (五色池)-

-Hyakusyo Pond (百姓池)-