Sougisui (宗祇水) is a spring of Gujo. It is the first registered 100 best water in Japan. It is also the historical site of Gujo. Two famous poets in Muromachi period in 1471 wrote poems for their farewell at this spring. The view around this spring is very beautiful.

Tourist Info.
You can drink this water. So, never touch directly this water. Use a scoop which placed at this place.
There is no parking.

0. at Minoshi Station.
1. use Etsuminan Line to GujoHachiman (44 min.)
2. use local bus to downtown.
3. walk south.

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周围的地图 Sougisui



In 1471, the poet master Iio Sougi and To Tsuneyori wrote poems at this spring. Sougi completed his successionof Kokin Wakashu from Tsuneyori, and headed back to Kyoto. They wrote poems for their farewell.

"Momijihano, Nagarurutatsuta, Shirakumono, Hananomiyoshino, Omoiwasuruna" by Tsuneyori.
もみじ葉の 流るるたつた白雲の 花のみよし野思ひ忘るな

"Sannengoshi, Kokorowotsukusu, Omoikawa, Harutasusawani, Wakiizurukana" by Sougi.
三年ごし 心をつくす思ひ川 春立つ沢に湧き出づるかな