Shibamata Shichifukujin


Shibamata Shichifukujin (柴又七福神巡り) is one of the popular tourism in Shibamata. Visiting 7 temples that enshrine 7 Lucky God. 7 Lucky God, Shichifukujin, are Daikokuten, Ebisuson, Bisyamonten, Benzaiten, Hoteison, Fukurokuju and Jurojin. It is about 1 hour tour to worship and get special Goshuin.

Tourist Info.
Special paper: 200 yen.
Gosyuin: 200 yen.
1600 yen in total.
Special paper has a tour map.

0. start at Shibamata Station.
1. Ryokanji (10 min.)
2. Shinshoin (10 min.)
3. Daikyoji (5 min.)
4. Mampukuji (5 min.)
5. Hoshoin (5 min.)
6. Ioji (10 min.)
7. Kanzoji (25 min.)


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Shibamata Shichifukujin

-Ryokanji (良観寺)-
Hoteison 布袋尊

-Shinshoin (真勝院)-
Benzaiten 弁財天

-Daikyoji (題経寺)
Bisyamonten 毘沙門天

-Mampukuji (万福寺)-
Fukurokuju 福禄寿

-Hoshoin (宝生院)-
Daikokuten (大黒天)

-Ioji (医王寺)-
Ebisuson 恵比寿尊

-Kanzoji (観蔵寺)-
Jurojin 寿老人

Shichi Fuku Jin, Seven Lucky Gods

Daikokuten has a hammer with right hand, and a lucky bag on left hand. Then, he stands on two straw rice bags. He is the combination gods of Indian god and Japanese god.

Ebisi is lucky god with a fishing pole on right hand,and red bream on left hands. Ebisu is the only Japanese God in 7 Lucky Gods.

Benzaiten is the only Goddess in 7 Lucky Gods. She was originally Indian Goddess. Because she carries a guitar, people think she is the god of entertainment. However, she is actually a god of water. Benten Shrine in Japan always located near water.

Bisyamonten is Indian God of War. It is also known as Tamonten in Japan. He is not only the god of war, but also the god of treasure and wealth. He wears yellow armor, a tower on left hand and a spear on right hand.He is stepping on the evil with his angry face.

Fukurokuju is Laozi in China. His name is made from, Fuku of Lucky, Roku of wealth, Ju of eternal life. He has long head, long beard, stuff and his parter crane.

Hotei is Zen priest who existed in China during 10th century. His real name is Kaishi.
Hotei has a huge abs and great smile. He has a fan called Bashosen and like Daikoku, he has a lucky bag.

Jurojin is the founder of Taoism. It's the wizard who turned out from Laozi. He wears a cute cap, and has a long stuff and a deer as partner.