Asakusabashi (浅草橋) is a doll-shop districted where there are many warehouses of Japanese traditional dolls. It is located in east side of Akihabara. There are many famous Japanese doll shops, and other warehouses of the doll. They have all supplies that you need for Japanese traditional dolls. Asakusabashi provide all kinds of Hina Dolls, small helmet and armers for boy's day, Kimekomi dolls and other traditiona dolls.

Tourist Info.
There is few parking.
This is a warehouse district. So, most of the shops closes on the weekend.

0. at Akihabara Station.
1. use JR Sobu Line to Asakusabashi.


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周围的地图 Asakusabashi



Asakusabashi is well known for a warehouse district of Japanese traditional dolls.

Doll Shop Tanabe: a warehouse of Kimekomi Dolls.
Ichi Fuji: a doll shop which also has many gifts.
Yoshitokua warehouse of Japanese Dolls.
Shugetsua warehouse of Japanese Dolls.
Kyugetsua warehouse of Japanese Dolls.

There are also many other warehouses in Asakusabashi. Especially, there are many warehouses of dress accessories and clothing shops.

Hina Dolls Set is a dolls set that displays in girl's day, March 3. They are displayed on a platform and represent the imperial family and custom during Heian Period.

Gogatsu Dolls (Dolls of May) is a doll or armers that display in Boy's Day (Children's day), May 5. Gogatsu Dolls can be Armers, helmets, sword or spears of Samurai era that represent the strength. Benkei or Kintaro who are famous worriers are also common dolls for Gogatsu Dolls.

Kimekomi Dolls is one of traditional Japanese craft that has over 260 years old. The first dolls were made by Takahashi Tadashige for Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto.