Aoba no Mori Park


Aoba no Mori Park(青葉の森公園) is a park located Chiba city, Chiba prefecture.
It's a huge park with nature, culture and recreation. There are many natures with seasonable flowers, forest and pond. Facilities are greatly located in this park as well, such as baseball field, kids facilities and huge play ground. It has also western style garden, plum garden and Sakura garden so that you can enjoy relaxing moment. It is a great place for weekend family activities.

Tourist Info.
There is restroom and parking.

0. at Chiba Station.
1. use Keisei Chihara Line to Chibadera station.
2. walk north (10 min.)


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周围的地图 Aoba no Mori Park


Aoba no Mori Park

The concept of this park is all combined with nature, culture and recreation. Park preserved a lots of nature, and designed the best way to enjoy it. There are all kinds of seasonable flowers you can enjoy. Especially, Ume, Japanese plum, and Sakura is very popular in this area.

-Western Style Garden-
There are also many art bronze statues in this area.

Play ground
Kid's play ground has many kid's facilities.
Central play ground has a huge space.
Sakura Mountain is the fill of Sakura.
Water spots is a small pond and water fountain for kids and families.

Sports Facilities
Baseball field.
Tennis coats.
Archery range.