Zenpukuji park

Travel Information

Zempukuji Park (善福寺公園, zenpukujikouen) has two ponds. In these ponds, there are many water plants and flowers, and many many lotus. A lot of creatures including various kinds of wild birds live in this park. Zempukuji park is too nature packed to be in Tokyo. The ponds in the park were two of the major water supply for Tokyo in the past. These ponds were dig by Yoritomo who was the first Shogun to start a government. There is a shrine to which people used to pray for rain.
You can enjoy riding boats, and enjoy BBQ in this park.
Tourist Info.
There are many play equipments like swing and slide. Zempukuji Park is the nice place for family activities. You can watch interesting wild birds.
0. at Tokyo Station
1. use Chuo line (JR) to Ogikubo(24 min.)
2. use Sobu line(JR) to Nishiogikubo(3 min.)
3. walk north west (15 min.)

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