Unasawa Mitsugama Falls

Travel Information

Unasawa Mitsugama Falls (海沢三釜の滝) is located in Unasawa Valley, Okutama, Tokyo. It is 5 steps waterfalls with 3 basins. Mitsugama means 3 basins.

Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom at the entrance of its trekking course.

1. at Haijima Station.
2. use JR Ome Line to Okutama.
3. walk south 2 hours.

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Detailed Travel Guide

Unasawa Mitsugama Falls

Unasawa Valley is located deep side of Okutama, Tokyo. It is one of the best Tokyo’s nature spots. There are many beautiful waterfalls and the trekking course reads to Mt. Ogaku. The trekking course contains some steep hillsides that require rope to climb. To the way to Great Falls, it is not so hard walking.