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Toshin Winery (東晨洋酒) is a winery located in Yamanashi Prefecture. This wines are produced by Rugger Man of Yamanashi. All of his wines are very limited. Therefore, every wines that he puts all kinds of his heart intensity to his wines and each wines has his special flavors. During the harvesting season, you can also enjoy grape picking as well. You can also enjoy factory tour. It has a huge wine that uses Sake Bottols.

Tourist Info.
There are parking and restroom.
Make an reservation for factory tour: E-mail
Grape Picking and factory tour is from August to October.

0. at Kofu Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Yamanashishi Station.
2. walk south (1 hr.)

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Toshin Winery

Toshinyousyu is a winery located in Yamanashi city, Yamanashi prefecture. It is very small winery has a great wines that made from local grape of Yamanashi city. The onwer produce the each wines with his idea and good.

All of his wines contain no Chemical Fertilzer, no Antioxidant, and made from fresh local grape farm around his shop.

Yamanashi Local Culture: Mujin (無尽)
People in Yamanashi Prefecture have the best healthy life, people who do not need any medical care, in Japan. One of the main reasons that make people in Yamanashi in great health condition is the their local drinking culture called "Mujin."

Originally, Mujin was the reserve found by local people for that any one in the group could use their money for any kinds of emergency need.

Today, people are not doing reserve found anymore, but people still get together and drink.

For Mujin party, people use not Sake, but local wine. Because they drink all night with other friends, they drink Sake Bottoled Wine that contains 2 Litter of wine. Drinking wines with friends under Mujin Party. are the great factor of their healthy condition.

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