Teishoji Temple

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Teishoji temple (貞祥寺) is one of Soto Buddhism Temple located in Saku, Nagano prefecture. It was established in 1521 and one of the old temples in Nagano. It has a beautiful moss garden and road leading to the main hall.
Also, the gates are very old and 3 stories pagoda is so beautiful. Teishoji is a very famous Zen temple in the world.

Visitor's Info.
There is parking and restroom.
Note: It is the religious facility. It's Not the tourist spot. So, be quiet and keep in the good manner.
At the 1st and 3rd Sunday, there is Zazen practice.

0. at Sakudaira Station.
1. use JR Yatsugatake Kogen Line to Nakagomi Station.
2. walk west.


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Map around Teishoji Temple

Detailed Travel Guide

Teishoji Temple

Teishoji is a Soto Buddhism Temple located in Saku, Nagano Prefecture. It was founded in 1521 by Tomono Sadayoshi. It is very famous Zen temple.

From the main entrance, the leading road are surrounded by the beautiful moss and old trees that has very quiet and mysterious Zen atmosphere.

At the back side of the main hall, there is beautiful three stories pagoda.

-The Somon Gate-
Constructed in 1653. It has an unique feature of the elephant carving.

-Sanmon Gate-
Constructed in 1672.

-3 stories Pagoda-
The treasure of Nagano Pref.