Roppongi ARK Hills Aki Matsuri

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Roppongi ARK Hills Aki Matsuri (アークヒルズ秋祭り) is an Autumn Matsuri happens at Karayan open space of Roppongi ARK Hills. There is Bon Odori, and great food stands which you can enjoy the food of restaurants of ARK Hills. Bon Odori starts at 18:00 with Yagura. They have great drummers and sound system.

Tourist Info.
There is a lottery after the Bon Odori. All attendants of Bon Odori are able to get a ticket.

0. at Meguro Station.
1. use Nanboku Line to Roppongi Icchome (8 min.)
2. walk north (10 min.)

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Roppongi ARK Hills Aki Matsuri

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