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Kururi Castle (久留里城) is the mountain castle located in Kimitsu, Chiba. It was built in 1456 by Takeda Family, and owned by Satomi Family long time. Tenshu-kaku, the main keep, is located at the top of the mountain, 145m high, and there is reconstructed Tenshu-kaku. This is one of the typical strong mountain castle, if you climb up from one of the hiking course, you can see great ruins of the castle and easily imagine how it’s constructed as strong castle. At the Honmaru area, you can see great view of Kururi town.
Tourist Info.
There is parking and restroom. At the Ninomaru, there is museum and admission is free.
0. at Kisarazu Station.
1. use JR Kururi Line to Kururi (43min.)
2. walk east (30 min.)

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Map around Kururi Castle

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Kururi Castle

Type: Mountain Castle
Built in: 1456.
Major Owner: Takeda, Satoim, Osuga

Kururi Castle is one of the strongest fort. There are many Kuru-wa, the defense zones, and Tenshu-kaku, the main keep, is located at the top of the mountain which you can have the all site of down town. Those Kuru-wa are still existed in this castle, so you can actually see the entire structure of this Castle. There are three main observation areas where you can see the entire town.

Legend said, Kururi Castle was built by the son of Tairano Masakado when he got a divine message. The history tells it was built in Takeda Family in 1456. When Satomi family conquered middle of Boso Peninsula around the middle of 16th century, it became the most important Castle to protect his land.

After Ieyasu, take over Japan and established the Tokugawa Government, Kururi Castle was owned by Kuroda family, and they kept until the end of Edo period.

The Kururi Castle is also known as Ame-jiro or Kirifuri-jo literary means castle of rain or flog because there are many springs in this mountain. In 1979, the Tenshu-kaku was rebuilt, but the form of the tower is very different from the original one. However, all the structures of the mountain castle are still preserved in the good condition.