Kotohira Shrine

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Kotohira Shrine(琴平神社) is located in Kawasaki. In the book of the shrine from 1711 said this shrine was built for the wife of 2nd Tokugawa Shogun Hidetada. It is very popular shrine for Shichigosan around this area. The name of Kotohira came from Kotohira Shrine (金刀比羅) at Shikoku region.

Visitors Info.
There is parking.

0. at Kawasaki Station
1. use JR Nanbu Line to Noborito (27 min.)
2. use Odakyu Line to Kakio (20 min.)
3. use Bus to Kotohira jinja.

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Map around Kotohira Shrine

Detailed Travel Guide

Kotohira Shrine

During the Edo period the Kotohira Shrine (金刀比羅) at Shikoku was considered as the best mountain to worship. There for many people visit this shrine insted of visiting the shrine at Shikoku.

Enshrines: Amaterasu Omikami and Okuninushino mikoto Good for: sea travel, traffic safety, business, and safe baby delivery.

In side of the shrine, there is Benzaiten Shrine, and Inari Shrine.