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Kichijoji (吉祥寺) is the most popular town for living in Tokyo. It was chosen 5 times the best town where people want to live and the best town satisfied by the people who live in. Around the Kichijoji station, there are many different type of shopping district, including all major department stores, huge electric stores, fashion, foods, restaurants, bars and everything people needs for all generation and genders. Kichijoji not only offers great aspects of major city, but it has also a beautiful nature just around the station.

Tourist Info.
There is parking on the street, and restroom at the park and the station.

0. at Shinjuku Station.
1. use JR Chuo Line to Kichijoji.

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Map around Kichijoji

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Kichijoji is the name of temple. However, Actual, Kichijoji is located at Komagome, and there is no temple ever existed in this area. This area was named because the frontiers who built the village around this location came from the temple town of Kichijoji. The town was organized in 1664.

Today, it is one of the most popular town especially for young people. It is one of the best shopping spot in Tokyo because it has all kinds of major department stores, brands, electric stores and tons of shopping streets, Shotengai in Japanese. Some of them are very stylish, and some of them are very reasonable.

Major Shopping Stores
Atre Kichijoji.
Harmonica Yokocho: Retro Shopping district. In small area, there are many restaurants, Izakaya and food stands.
Kichijoji Daiya.
Kichijoji Sunroad Shotengai: Typical Shopping Street.
Kopis Kichijoji.
Kichijoji Loft.
Tokyu Kichijoji.
Yodobashi Camera Kichijoji: Akihabara in a building.
Marui Kichijoji.
Parco Kichijoji.

At the south side of Kichijoji Station, there are also many restaurants, Izakaya and Karaoke Stores.

Inokashira Park
Inokashira Park is another reason for Kichijoji's popularity. Not only it offers great shopping districts and the aspects of major city, it has beautiful nature and quiet space right next to the station. On the Sunday, many people visit here and enjoy nature. Inokashira Park is also very popular for Hanami Party in April. It has beautiful Sakura.