Kashiwa local delicacy

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Kashiwa's local delicacy (柏ご当地グルメ)! Kashiwa is located in northern Chiba prefecture. It is one of the major city in Chiba. MLJ introduce three Kashiwa's local delicacies: Kazanyaki. Millefille Katsu Burger. White Gyoza. When you are in Kashiwa, check them out. They are so tasty.

Tourist Info.
Most of the shops are located east side of Kashiwa Station.

0. at Ueno Station.
1. use JR Joban Line to Kashiwa.
2. Walk east (5 min.)

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Kashiwa local delicacy
... is a Japanese rice cracker called "Sembei." There is a shop where sales Kazanyaki at the B1F of Kashiwa Claire's.

Sekiguchi's Millefille Katsu Burger
Pork Cutlets Burger of Sekiguchi. It's millefille style. Sliced pork are gethered and fried. So juicy!
Price: 260 yen
Web site:
White Gyoza
... is Japanese Dumpling. Outside is very crispy and inside is very juicy.
Price: 420 yen for 10 pic.