Hoppy Street

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Hoppy Street (ホッピー通り) is located in west side of Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo. There are many Izakaya in this street that has the taste of early Showa era. Especially, Nikomi, Japanese style stew with meat is very famous in Hoppy Street. It is also known as Nikomi Street. All Izakaya has a great food and drink that is very cheap price.

Tourist Info.
There are no parking. Each Bar, Izakaya has restroom.

0. at Asakusa Station.
1. walk north.

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Map around Hoppy Street

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Hoppy Street

Hoppy Street, aka Nikomi Street, is located west side of Sensoji Temple. It is only about 70 to 80 meters long street with many Japanes style bars. Many of the bars has out side sheets just like beer garden. Each shops has many Izakaya food, especially Nikomi is so good in here.